Monday, December 18, 2006

Sheep Mountain 150

Karen Ramstead team leaving Eureka for last
leg of the Sheep Mountain 150. Photo by Donna Quante

The Sheep Mountain 150 essentially marks the beginning of race season in Alaska. While few mushers approach it competitively given how early it is in the season, it's a mushers race put on by mushers, so some top teams enter every year. This year Lance Mackey, who'd go on to win the race, was even a late entry. His brother Jason had planned to run the race, but when he was injured in a truck wreck (see story below), Lance replaced him on the musher list. Doing his brother this favor allowed Lance to add not just another victory to his resume, but he won a brand-new Hans Gatt sled in the process. According to Lance, this is his first new, genuinely new sled ever, so this is one favor that paid off!

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