Friday, February 29, 2008

Book Fair & Bonnie's Open House

Felt like ol' home week to walk into the hotel via the Fancy Moose

Dave Monson, there to autograph Susan's book, chatting with Mark Nordman

Hobo Jim
Donna Gates King had one of her agility dogs along for company.

GG managed to snag one of the two puppies that Jeff King brought along.
Jeff, who bought a copy of my book, I would like to note. I bought his, too!

Me, with Claudia Nowak, who'll be Ed Stielstra's Idita-Rider this year.

After a nutritional lunch of chocolate ice cream, it was out the door and on to Chugiak and the open house at Bonnie Foster's for several mushers.
Theresa making friends with some of Sebastian's canine friends.
Sebastian and friends. The black dog is Tang, one of Sab's long time fur buddies, then Skunk in the middle and Callie smiling n the rear.
Hmmm, a rather unique way to get a doggie autograph. She got half a paw traced before Tang got tired of playing celebrity.
Bryan Bearss talks with Eric Rogers

When I left, I was headed to another open house, but what did my eyes see but that, oh, so familiar Stielstra dog truck pulling up? Could it be? Would I finally see the elusive Ed?
Ed even had a few furry friends in tow, too.

Jake, who'll be running Ed's second string of dogs. Tasha gets to go to Nome! Yea, Tasha!

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