Saturday, June 27, 2009

Iditarod Musher Sign-Up/Volunteer Picnic, Part 1

Lance (with his duct tape/blue tarp) name tag and Pebbles.
Theresa with Lance's mom, Kathy. I was actually going for John Baker passing in the background, but you don't have to know that and pretend I was going for the gals laughing.

Melissa Owens and Karin Hendrickson

Robert Nelson with Theresa
Lance seems to have gotten in the way of Theresa and I taking photos of each other, huh?

Tonya holds Pebbles, who claims to be Lance's next lead dog extraordinaire.

Lance was one of the first "big name" mushers to arrive, hence I'm heavy on Mackey photos initially.

Candy checks with Lance about....oh, I don't have a clue.

Lance and Pebbles with Melissa Owens

Before signing in/up himself, Lance turned in Newton Marshall's paperwork.

Back on the lawn, Dick Mackey, right, was meeting with ol' friends.

Both Lance and Cain have new musher cards. Lance was busy here signing a bunch for some kids at my former school. Mary H., don't let me forget about 'em!!!

New haircut AND a name badge, was I with it today or what?

Sign-up has certainly gone high-tech, with info entered directly into computers nowadays instead of onto paper and then having to be moved to the computer.

Theresa and I had lots of fun bossing the Mackey Clan around. Cain, Lance, and Dick Mackey.
Love the smiles, tho' looks like this one could stand some lightening up from PhotoShop.

Jack drops by to chat with Dick.
The looks on the fans faces as they mingle with the mushers is what makes this day worthwhile. Lance has just signed the back of a jacket.

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