Saturday, January 16, 2010

Iditarod Volunteer Meeting and a Peek at the Gift Shop

I parked where I'd never park in the summer, right in front of the path down to the little cabin and where Raymie would be giving rides to the left.

View from the end of the sidewalk.

Took this from just outside HQ, looking back across the lawn toward the cabin again and the parking lot, left. Big chunks of snow, huh?

Nothing had started yet, so I cruised the gift shop.

The big patch under the tv is this year's patch.

Hey, I know that book on the top left!

I actually pulled into the parking lot right behind Bob and Maureen, who are looking over the paperwork here. I didn't hang around long, so if anything of interest happened or was said, hopefully Maureen will fill us in.

People are beginning to gather in the meeting room.

But, since the meeting hadn't started, I wandered a bit more. These are this year's Volunteer shirts, available to only official volunteers as far as I know.

I call this the history corner or wall in my mind cos the wall is covered with old newspaper stories and interesting bits of race history.

Jon VanZyle designed Idita-shirt.

Ah, come on. You know you always need another stuffed husky, especially a mama one with puppy in hand, er, mouth.

For your Idita-cookies. Don't forget to share with the rest of us!

Ah, the meeting has started. Joanne had just asked for a show of hands from brand new volunteers. Deby Trosper standing, right. Deby, if you catch this, feed me the names of the others and I'll add them.

There were lots! Joanne, left front.

Sorry, Deby, you know it wouldn't be a photo day if I didn't manage to get you with your mouth open, tho' how else do you talk? The sign behind Deby on the wall is the one on the Idita-support web page on Yahoo, btw, tho' that shot was taken by Donna way, way back when. Anyway, I wandered away.... sorry had some other places to be, too ..... after this but if you've got questions about volunteering, you can find the info you need on the Iditarod's website or, for that matter, email me and I'll find the answer for you.

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