Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iditarod Volunteer Picnic and Musher Sign-up for 2011

As you can see from my first look down the parking lot, things were a looking kinda gray early on but the rain held off.

I don't know which Seavey was driving this, but will guess maybe Dallas and Jen. Posted with a nod and thanks to Rod Udd for his support of the race and mushing in general.

A picture of Barb Redington taking a picture.

Sign-up table. Julie Busch, right, is media contact for us media types during the race but does whatever she's asked to put her hand to.

A new piece of paper greeted mushers at the table, a request that they submit recipes for an Iditarod recipe book.

Melissa Owens

Deby Trosper, right, helps set up the wine bottles for sale. One bottle per customer, btw, and no drinking it on the premises.

Mushers from last year are all pictured on bottles for purchase by fans.

Okay, okay, not a musher, but the flower bed was looking good.

I got there sorta early, so was able to watch banners being hung and tables and chairs being set out.

Rob Johnson, a virtual friend until today when we finally "officially" met. I know I've met scads of folks in passing but it doesn't always take, so always nice to have an "official" meeting.

Hey, why isn't' my book on the same shelf as Lance's? Yeah, I know. Dumb question.

It was a little short on star-power early on, but Dick Mackey's appearance remedied that fast.

Theresa Daily multi-tasking, showing off her duct tape/blue tarp name tag while playing desk for Dick to sign an autograph for a fan.

Lance was "The Man in Black" for the day.

Tonya, in pink, paying Newton's entry fee.

Lance doing his best imitation of Newton, complete with "Yo, mon", as he turns in Newton's paperwork.

Grandma Tonya

One of the new things the ITC did this year was set up tables for the mushers to sit at and sign autographs, a good idea in my book. Here's Lance before the rush.

GB Jones is back

Karin Hendrickson

Karin's leg was sporting an unwanted attachment.
Bonnie Foster has hosted Sebastian at her home for the last few years during Iditarod days as well as the occasional jaunt that takes him through the area.

KTUU does a film interview with Sebastian while Chas looks on.

Theresa's duct tape/blue tarp name tag was not only original, it sported Dude Dog!

Dallas and Jen Seavey having lunch. What made Jen's presence all the more impressive is that today was her due date for their first baby! No, no labor pains while the picnic was going on, so they're still waiting.

Not sure what Chas was watching, but moment of inactivity at the sign-up table.

Chief Vet Stu Nelson

Volunteer Picnic Coordinator Candy Gibson, Mitch Seavey, Kelly Williams, and Rick Swenson.

Hugh Neff, who drove 13 hours to make the picnic.
Grandpa Lance

Bonnie Foster with Iditarod 2011 rookie Jodi Bailey, who I also met for the first time in person today! Yipee, made lots of in-person connections today!

Candy with only a portion of the goodies donated, in this case by John Cooper's Kipmik, for prizes.

Not quite sure when DeeDee got there, but only snagged this one shot of her with Theresa and Chas.

By that time, a few of us were beginning to drag. Hey, Mystery Sleeper, I didn't give away your ID, tho' your wife might. Ha And, inspired by this, I went home and wound up taking a long nap to end a fun but busy day.

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Tonichelle said...

I'm so bummed that I didn't make the picnic.

Jen and Dallas are still waiting as of 8:30 tonight. Still no baby sightings. *sigh* the next few hours/days are going to be killer for all of us that know them! ha ha!