Friday, February 04, 2011

Willow-Tug 300, camera 2 shots

The temp on the lake, courtesy of the thermometer on Eric Rogers sit-down sled, which I was trying out. I mean, someone had to hold the sled down right, nevermind there weren't any dogs hooked up at that point.
A pretty day at Willow Lake

I have no clue what Karin Hendrickson is so happy about, but she sure doesn't looked stressed. Ha

Kevin Neher preps

I think it's a safe bet to say that Anjanette Steer plans on camping out awhile.

Ray Redington
Bud Smythe explaining "how it's all supposed to work" to Eric Rogers pre-race. He was making a point to speak to all the mushers on the lake and I lucked out and timed it right to get to hear his comments.

Eric Rogers, front, getting his sled ready with the help of rookie handler, Pat Schue. You go, Pat!

Lance is in Wyoming, but Braxton was there with a Mackey team.
The view from (almost on) Karin's sled as the team is being hooked up.

Took a whole series of these dogs getting hyped to run.

I remain pretty clueless as to who was who cos I wasn't taking notes, but this was the first team out, Alexander Beebee-Guidice. I was very impressed with the handler nearest the front of the team cos they were doing a darn good job of keeping up with the team....which they needed to unhook a lead from.
No clue who this is, maybe Kevin Neher, but the teams started from their parked trucks, sorta went down the lake a bit, then had to "gee" and head out across the lake to get to the trails.

Mushing is obviously a very serious business.

Find that spot of blue/purple about waist high from the front guy on the right. That's DeeDee, who'd just "tackled" a runaway sled to keep the dogs from heading to Skwentna without their musher. Happened in the blink of an eye, but her reactions was instantaneous. You rock, DD.

Check out that dogs leaping ability!

This was probably my fav pix of the day, Martin, who was only handling, loving on his dogs as they waited to head out with Magnus Kaltenborn.

DeeDee, front, in blue

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NCL said...

Great pictures! I agree, the one of Martin has to be a favorite.