Sunday, January 06, 2008

Knik 200, Pre-race, set 1

Mushers signed each bib, each of which has a different sponors, the name indicated at the top.
Getting ready, Zach Steer, who'd start first. Photo by Mary Dillingham
Smiling at the cold, Bonnie Foster and Donna Quante. Photo by Mary Dillingham
Standing around in the cold, June (me) and Eric Rogers. Photo by Mary Dillingham
Wishing they'd hurry up and get it going!
Thunder is a ten year old dog that ran with Jon Little in his first Iditarod in 1999. He was on Jon's fun run for the 2008 Knik 200.
Sebastian flashes a smile as he prepares for the race, about a half hour away when the photo was taken.
Rick Horstmann and Gary Paulsen help prepare Gary's team for a run with his hander, Leo.
Team Seavey
Mitch Seavey

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