Sunday, January 06, 2008

Knik 200, Set 3

Paul Gebhardt and Libby Riddles chat as Paul checks his team prior to taking off.

Karin Hendrickson heads to the line.
Notice that bale of hay. It would indicate her plans to stop and camp out fairly early on.
Whooaaaaaa! Sometimes those snow hooks are hard to get into the ice.
Then they're equally hard to get out!
Mitch Seavey heading for the starting line. He said he didn't have the right sled rubber for rocks, which was what they were expecting on the trail.
Although it's hard to recognize most of the mushers in their winter duds without bib numbers, it gets harder with face masks. This is Kent Kaltenbacher, who I met this summer.
Ray Redington Jr
Donna and Mary, left, about to pass an impromptu can can line that includes Libby Riddles, center.

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