Sunday, March 04, 2012

Iditarod 2012 - The Start, part 1

 On the way into Goose Lake Park to the trail. Last year I was able to sit down on this sign on the way out of the park. This year it's barely peeking out of the snow.
 Hard to believe this wooded area is in Anchorage but it's part of their lovely system of trails.
 Around the corner and, yeah, I can see where I'm going, where you see the people already collecting along the fence that has been erected.

 You know the first musher won't be far behind when the snow machiners pass doing a quick sweep of the trail.

 And here's the first musher, Jr. Iditarod champion Conway Seavey, who is carrying the Honorary Musher in his sled. Note the snow is falling at a pretty good clip at this point.

 Ray Redington

 Bill Pinkham

Jim Lanier

The Cat in the Hat seemed to be everywhere, even on Lanier's tag rider.

Tom Thurston

Jodi Bailey, wearing her ever present smile

Dan Kaduce on tag sled.

Wave, Walt! (Idita-rider)

Tossing booties to fans.

 Cim Smyth

Wade Marrs, wearing the kilt in honor of Wattie McDonald whose wife is ill, hence Wattie couldn't be here this year. Good for you, Wade!

 Jeff King, back after a year off for "retirement"
I'm still fuzzy on how, but Jeff lost his tag rider here.

 The dogs aren't wanting to stand around, tho', so Jeff's taking them around the corner to wait.
 Still waiting....
 And here comes Nic Petite.
Nic and the dogs are just seeing that Jeff's team is stopped in front of them.

John Baker

I found out later that John's Idita-Rider was whaling captain Simeon Patkotak Sr.

Kelley Griffin

Here comes Lance Mackey!
At this point we were all trying to figure out what he was carrying.

Look, Mom, I can mush with one hand!

 So why didn't Lance's tag rider get some goodies?

 Mike Santos

 Paul Gebhardt

 Sigrid Ekran

 Gerry Wilomitzer

 The Cat in the Hat is here, er, Hugh Neff

 Louise, of made these cool dog coats for Hugh.

Check links to right for part 2 and more Idita-pix

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