Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Meeting the Delia's for Lunch

 The sign that greets you right now just inside the front door to the Millennium Hotel in Anchorage.

 After we'd eaten, I wandered back to the race offices to see if anyone "official" was around and found Joanne Potts. Stan Hooley had flown out to, I believe it was, McGrath earlier in the day. Joanne came to the Fancy Moose to say hello and chat with Norma and Joe, shown here.

 Once people began to realize the Delia's were there, people began stopping by the table. Here's Norma listening to someone, or, hmmmm.....

 ....maybe instead of listening to someone, Norma was doing the same thing we were, plotting how to swipe this adorable puppy that Cheryl brought over to show to Joe.

 After Delia's had left, I snagged Marlene Buccione from the merchandise table long enough to snap a photo of me, right, with Pat and Pat. How's that for easy to remember?
And then we handed my camera to Pat Schue to snap a photo of Marlene and me. The box in my hand? A doggie box to carry home part of lunch to bribe the dogs for going off and leaving them in their crates for what must seem like the gazillionth time to them. Ha

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