Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Iditarod 2010 Vet Check at HQ, Wasilla

I spent a couple hours at Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla today for the final vet check. Captions to come, hopefully tomorrow, but enjoy it as you can without "directions" of who is who and what is what. I think you'll recognize many of the faces anyway.

Ed Stielstra and one of their handlers whose name, bad me, I didn't write down and forgot.


John S. waiting as the vets examine Zoya's dogs


Rod is sorta in the middle, facing front. The sled is his from the first Iditarod ever and is very heavy!

Ed meandering about

Ken Anderson

Rod Perry, ?, Dick Mackey

Zoya in the middle, facing front

Dang, Blake's even got tiled flooring in his dog trailer.

Stu Nelson, chief vet

I think this one was of Jake on their way outta there.

Ray Redington, ?, Hugh Neff

Zoya has the collage attached to the back of her sled so she can see it as she goes along. The story behind it is on her blog.
Pat Moon/Nature's Kennel dogs, I think.

Karin and "Trouble"


Kathy Mackey, Bill Borden, Dick Mackey, Kevin Neher

KTUU news team filming Newton

Mike S.

And, finally, the Mackey tradition with trucks continues....

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pampered pets and pals said...

Great photo's keep em commin. We are anxiously watching from Fort Worth Texas