Friday, March 26, 2010

The return of the sleds

Many people just assume that once the last musher crosses under the Burled Arch in Nome, the race is over. While it's true that the racing is over, the mushers are far from being able to simply turn their thoughts to home, kick back and relax. For instance, did you ever wonder what happens to all the sleds and gear that was sent out along the trail? How does it get home to the mushers from Nome? Bonnie Foster happened on the return of a bunch of sleds to Iditarod Headquarters here in Wasilla the other day. The sleds are flown "home" to Wasilla, where it becomes the mushers' responsibility to collect them or arrange for further shipment home. It's obviously more complicated for those who don't live nearby, but I've seen several dog trucks headed in that general direction over the last few days, so bet most of these sleds are home now. In the meantime, some areas of Iditarod Headquarters temporarily took on the look of a "used-sled yard".

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