Friday, March 05, 2010

Pre-race fun, Friday

Photos taken at the Millennium Hotel today, both at the book fair and a few in the Fancy Moose later, then at Bonnie and Jim Foster's open house for Sebastian and Mike S. in Chugiak. Captions....well, more detailed ones whenever I get time.

Jeff King signing his book.

Ann S, from the Idita-support list.

Oops, need to do some PhotoShop magic with this shot of Mitch.

Helen's back, left, Claudia, Tonya Mackey and I think that's Lee Nowak. Looking at small versions here, sorry, so will double-check.

Oh, but I've gottta sneak in a caption for this and the next two. My table partner and I were being stalked by a monster dog that wanted belly rubs.

The paw was the first thing we saw, so this was the view from the other side of the table.

And here's the whole dog, who was working but, well, Iditarod time seems to be a spoiler for disciplined service dogs. What a sweetie this one was, tho'!

Loi Harter

Rod Perry and Helen Hegener

Emmitt Peters talking to Rod.

Joe Runyan

Chas St. George stopped by to say hi in the Fancy Moose

Even Stan was out and about.

Bonnie and Jim's pace; Hans Gatt dog truck.

Gatt Dogs

Notice the attention being paid by the dogs just in case Sebastian dropped a crumb.
Not that they had to beg much....

Claudia, Sebastian and Bonnie

Sab's cake, post cutting. He told me the dogs were watching tv when this one was taken in the cabin at Paxson. Rough life these sled dogs have, huh?

Taste testing, Sebastian? Marti Rogers, right.

Oh, yeah, there goes Sab, starving those dogs again.

Libby, left

Again, rough life these sled dogs live, huh?

There's Ed! Wave to Tasha, Ed!

Hans sampling the cake and chatting with Bonnie. He later told me that 13 of his 14 Quest dogs were going on the Iditarod with him.

Hmm, wonder if I made a mistake introducing Ed to the chocolate fountain?

Libby and Bonnie

Uh, hello, can't you see you're interupting my nap?

Gail Somerville

No, Bill, I don't want to sample something called Moose's Drool.

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