Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Media Meeting for Iditarod 2007

Today was vet check day and media meeting day for the Iditarod. While we were still at Iditarod Headquarters for the vet check, Dick Mackey wandered inside while we were there. He's shown here flanked by Mary Dillingham, left, and Helen Hegener. Helen was one of those who were involved in the early organization of the Iditarod, so it was a bit of 'ol home week for them.

Pre-Iditarod Fun!

So, do you think Betty's having fun? That's Perry tucking her into the sled for a spin behind his Iditarod team.

And, they're off!

Perry demo's the "I'm king of the world" (or at least Willow's lake) or "Look, Mom, no hands" mushing technique. That's Doris in the basket this time, I think.

Photos by Donna Quante

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lois Harter Suffers House Fire

Lois Harter, right, is shown with Iditarod Race Director Joanne Potts, left, and the race's head vet, Dr. Stu Nelson. Joanne, a long time friend, took her shopping the next day and Stu, who'd just walked into Headquarters after arriving in Alaska for his race duties and catching some sleep, vows to do whatever he can to help out in recovery, a sentiment shared by the entire "Iditarod Family."

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