Friday, February 29, 2008

On the way to the Book Fair...

Stopped at a red light, I heard dogs. Looking toward the sound, I discovered this now very familiar looking dog truck.
Yeah, yeah, we're stars and we know it.
How come Dad's getting all the camera time? Doesn't Discovery know who the real stars are?
Let's pose pretty!

Tonya doesn't like her photo taken, but really wanted to show that it's a family affair that makes Lance tick, not just him.
We're bored, Dad. Can't you find us a trail somewhere?

Cain poses with Laurie
That dang Discovery camera was everywhere, whether you were a Mackey or not.

Laurie's all smiles while Tonya tries to convince Spirit to look at the camera as Lance is keeping a close eye on what they're doing over at the dog truck.

Book Fair & Bonnie's Open House

Felt like ol' home week to walk into the hotel via the Fancy Moose

Dave Monson, there to autograph Susan's book, chatting with Mark Nordman

Hobo Jim
Donna Gates King had one of her agility dogs along for company.

GG managed to snag one of the two puppies that Jeff King brought along.
Jeff, who bought a copy of my book, I would like to note. I bought his, too!

Me, with Claudia Nowak, who'll be Ed Stielstra's Idita-Rider this year.

After a nutritional lunch of chocolate ice cream, it was out the door and on to Chugiak and the open house at Bonnie Foster's for several mushers.
Theresa making friends with some of Sebastian's canine friends.
Sebastian and friends. The black dog is Tang, one of Sab's long time fur buddies, then Skunk in the middle and Callie smiling n the rear.
Hmmm, a rather unique way to get a doggie autograph. She got half a paw traced before Tang got tired of playing celebrity.
Bryan Bearss talks with Eric Rogers

When I left, I was headed to another open house, but what did my eyes see but that, oh, so familiar Stielstra dog truck pulling up? Could it be? Would I finally see the elusive Ed?
Ed even had a few furry friends in tow, too.

Jake, who'll be running Ed's second string of dogs. Tasha gets to go to Nome! Yea, Tasha!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vet Check, Iditarod 2008, Part 1

The vets doing their job
Loading dogs
Picard shows his opinion of all this silliness as Eric completes paperwork.
Bonnie will be happy to know that someone wore a name tag, in this case Maureen. It matched her coat, too.
Zoya's truck
It's busy, busy, busy for the mushers as they get out and reload dog after dog for the vets.
Don't you just love the spectators watching her lift a dog back into its box?

Caught Ken Anderson meandering down the parking lot at one point.
Never found out whose dogs these were, but they sure looked good.

What a sweet face
You woke us up for this?

Pat Schue with Eric's Mocha, who she sponsors.
GB was sorta around the corner and down the road, so never got over there, but did grab this quick shot.
Eric loading dogs
Hmm, that face looks familiar. I'll have to get back this way again.
Oh, man, the indignities even a Lance Mackey dog has to endure to run this race!

Vet Check, Iditarod 2008, Part 2

Stielstra's truck was very visible and I kept looking for Ed, but never caught up to him. I do have some lovely shots of his dog truck however.
Mostly the crowd was fairly sparse, but, what do you think? Did they discover that Lance was there or what?
Cindy Galley's dogs and truck
Cindy Gallea
It never fails to surprise me how unfailingly friendly and receptive to everyone the mushers are cos it's a constant rush of media and fans.
Tonya Mackey with Mark and Helen Hegener.
We're ready to run and we've got to stand around?
Note the thermometer on the sled.
Helen is really concentrating on something as she walks past some Mackey dogs.
This is what it's like to be Lance Mackey right now, a constant stream of questions and cameras pointing at you. As I told Tonya, a far cry from last year when he didn't draw much of a crowd in the parking lot.

Not sure who this was, but that back trailer looked a tad slanted.
Posing by Lance's truck was a popular pasttime.
Jen and Blake Freking, who run Siberians. Jen's a rookie, tho' Blake ran his first Iditarod my first visit as a rookie fan.

Sign many autographs, Lance?