Sunday, November 29, 2009

Newton is back in Alaska!

Doing these in sorta a rush, so may have mixed photos, but I think this set all came courtesy of Bonnie Foster. Theresa's given me the go-ahead to share some of hers, too, so will add more later as needed, tho' figure most of hers will hit Go Mush, so check out her site, too.
I'm not 100% sure of his name, I think it's Kyle, but Kyle is from the ADN and since Newton wasn't there yet, looks like he was chatting with Cain.

ADN Kyle, Cain and Tonya

Cain waits, cell phone in hand for entertainment

Gail and Theresa waiting on Newton. Not sure of the name of the other gal, someone let me know, but it was great to see folks out to welcome Newton back to Alaska again.

Here's Newton!!!

Jeff Chandler, Cain, Theresa, Newton and Tonya. No, Lance wasn't there.

Theresa, Newton and Bonnie

Theresa, Newton and Tonya

ADN Kyle(?) interviewing Newton

I want his video camera, thank you.

While Newton lets the folks back home know he's finally arrived safely (there were travel hitches), Tonya leads the way toward the great outdoors.

Newton, ready to head north to Come Back Kennel and get started training.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mushing HIstory Conference, Sunday

Pre-conference, just hanging out, shooting the breeze: Pat Schue, Joe May, Rod Perry, Eric Rogers, and Bonnie Foster's back

Jane Haigh, author of Gold Rush Dogs, shows off a copy of Baldy of Nome not only signed by Esther Birdsall Darling but Baldy himself. No, don't think it was really Baldy's paw print, but Darling did provide the paw-tograph. Very, very cool.

Alas, the interior bookplate was faded, as were the autographs, but at least a closer look at what I got to hold!

Joe May talking to Talkeetna teacher-musher Rich Hum.

I couldn't resist stalking the presentation computer when I saw it cycling some photos, including this one.

Getting set up.

Back row attendees, who eventually moved forward when some folks re-configured the room a bit.

Jeez, guys, smile! Joe May was modest and thought he shouldn't be in the photo since he wasn't a presenter, but I put on my "boss the mushers around hat" and made him pose with Joee Redington and Jeff Dinsdale.

Post his presentation, Jeff posed with the movie about "Nikki," a Disney sled dog. He gave us lots of history about the dogs involved, including the fact that tho' there were many dogs used as Nikki, the chief Nikki was from the kennel of Joe Redington Sr, with Joee tossing in some added info about the dog, which had been Timmy's, he says.

I'm not sure if we'd worked our way up to lunch yet or not, but given that bodies are missing, we must have. As one who doesn't do mornings well, not to mention is outta practice doing them, I wandered away from home this morning without a sandwich, so my thanks to Pat for sharing part of her lunch with me. I really do need a keeper sometimes. Ha

Rod Perry, who ran the very first Iditarod ever. I managed to snag an autographed copy of his first book while he was there, but today's presentation was a bit of a dramatic reading focused on his second book, which will be the one to focus on the race itself. Think Robert Service, very dramatic and well done.

Chas dropped in to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming video by the Iditarod on the history of the race and, let's face it, mushing itself, too. He had a slide loop going behind him but right here he's reading a letter they've found that was written by Joe Sr. in the midst of trying to make that first race happen. A great conversation between many followed.

I don't think Chas will mind me sharing a photo of the actual letter to Howard Farley of Nome that he was reading from above.

Joee Redington, in the blue jacket, showed a powerpoint presentation he'd made with his dad for a symposium in Fairbanks. Joe Sr's voice was the narration and it was a look at "50 Years of Dog Mushing," including photos of the climbing of Denali with dog teams that Joe Sr. made with Susan Butcher.

I don't have everyone's name, so will wait for Helen to fill in blanks for me, but this was the bunch left at the tail end before I headed out.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Night at HQ

The organizers of the Mushing History Conference had a sort of meet and greet at Iditarod Headquarters this evening. Even Balto showed up!

Jim and Bonnie Foster

I have no clue what Chas is doing but looks like he's counting Joee Redington's fingers? I'll have to evesdrop better next time, huh? Sorry, I was initially in hang out mode and not "work mode". Ha (Update: Mystery solved. Chas says they were looking at a bootie, which if you look carefully you can see in Joee's hand.)

Back row, Greg Sellentin, Jim and Bonnie
Front, Helen talking to, well, I have no clue who. I was obviously still in hang out mode. Can you give me a hint, Helen? Ha
(Upate: That's Jeff Dinsdale, according to Helen, from British Columbia)

Joee Redington, who'll be doing a presentation, and Greg Sellentin, of Mushing Magazine. This was my first time meeting both of these guys in person. I've even written for the magazine for Greg but only met him face to face tonight.

Helen watching Tim White work.

Rod Perry, musher-author, in front of the Wall of Champions. Rod will be presenting about being in the very first Iditarod.