Sunday, November 29, 2009

Newton is back in Alaska!

Doing these in sorta a rush, so may have mixed photos, but I think this set all came courtesy of Bonnie Foster. Theresa's given me the go-ahead to share some of hers, too, so will add more later as needed, tho' figure most of hers will hit Go Mush, so check out her site, too.
I'm not 100% sure of his name, I think it's Kyle, but Kyle is from the ADN and since Newton wasn't there yet, looks like he was chatting with Cain.

ADN Kyle, Cain and Tonya

Cain waits, cell phone in hand for entertainment

Gail and Theresa waiting on Newton. Not sure of the name of the other gal, someone let me know, but it was great to see folks out to welcome Newton back to Alaska again.

Here's Newton!!!

Jeff Chandler, Cain, Theresa, Newton and Tonya. No, Lance wasn't there.

Theresa, Newton and Bonnie

Theresa, Newton and Tonya

ADN Kyle(?) interviewing Newton

I want his video camera, thank you.

While Newton lets the folks back home know he's finally arrived safely (there were travel hitches), Tonya leads the way toward the great outdoors.

Newton, ready to head north to Come Back Kennel and get started training.

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norma said...

Thanks to all who went to greet Newton and for sharing photos. Doesn't he just look like a fun person?!! Such a smile!