Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Night at HQ

The organizers of the Mushing History Conference had a sort of meet and greet at Iditarod Headquarters this evening. Even Balto showed up!

Jim and Bonnie Foster

I have no clue what Chas is doing but looks like he's counting Joee Redington's fingers? I'll have to evesdrop better next time, huh? Sorry, I was initially in hang out mode and not "work mode". Ha (Update: Mystery solved. Chas says they were looking at a bootie, which if you look carefully you can see in Joee's hand.)

Back row, Greg Sellentin, Jim and Bonnie
Front, Helen talking to, well, I have no clue who. I was obviously still in hang out mode. Can you give me a hint, Helen? Ha
(Upate: That's Jeff Dinsdale, according to Helen, from British Columbia)

Joee Redington, who'll be doing a presentation, and Greg Sellentin, of Mushing Magazine. This was my first time meeting both of these guys in person. I've even written for the magazine for Greg but only met him face to face tonight.

Helen watching Tim White work.

Rod Perry, musher-author, in front of the Wall of Champions. Rod will be presenting about being in the very first Iditarod.

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