Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Quick Look at Iditarod Headquarters

Amy and Roger at Iditarod Headquarters.
I arrived at HQ a few minutes early, so I wandered over to the cabin area for some pix. Raymie Redington does cart rides in this area but doesn't start till Saturday, so no dogs, alas.

Hmm, my dog team seems to be short a few dogs.

It was a sunshine kinda day

I've obviously got to get back over there when the sun isn't quite in the same spot and get better photos of this sign.

Ol' fashioned snow-shoes. About all you see now-adays are the sleek, smaller versions.

Togo stands guard in the museum

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gary Paulsen Speaks at Mat-Su Reads

Probably should have put these shots here, but they wound up at so click over there to check out a few photos Gary Paulsen doing a presentation.

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