Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vet Check, Iditarod 2008, Part 1

The vets doing their job
Loading dogs
Picard shows his opinion of all this silliness as Eric completes paperwork.
Bonnie will be happy to know that someone wore a name tag, in this case Maureen. It matched her coat, too.
Zoya's truck
It's busy, busy, busy for the mushers as they get out and reload dog after dog for the vets.
Don't you just love the spectators watching her lift a dog back into its box?

Caught Ken Anderson meandering down the parking lot at one point.
Never found out whose dogs these were, but they sure looked good.

What a sweet face
You woke us up for this?

Pat Schue with Eric's Mocha, who she sponsors.
GB was sorta around the corner and down the road, so never got over there, but did grab this quick shot.
Eric loading dogs
Hmm, that face looks familiar. I'll have to get back this way again.
Oh, man, the indignities even a Lance Mackey dog has to endure to run this race!

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