Friday, February 29, 2008

On the way to the Book Fair...

Stopped at a red light, I heard dogs. Looking toward the sound, I discovered this now very familiar looking dog truck.
Yeah, yeah, we're stars and we know it.
How come Dad's getting all the camera time? Doesn't Discovery know who the real stars are?
Let's pose pretty!

Tonya doesn't like her photo taken, but really wanted to show that it's a family affair that makes Lance tick, not just him.
We're bored, Dad. Can't you find us a trail somewhere?

Cain poses with Laurie
That dang Discovery camera was everywhere, whether you were a Mackey or not.

Laurie's all smiles while Tonya tries to convince Spirit to look at the camera as Lance is keeping a close eye on what they're doing over at the dog truck.

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