Saturday, June 28, 2008

ITC Volunteer Thank You/Musher Sign-Up Picnic '08

Walking through the parking lot, first glimpse of the yard at HQ.
Karin and Gwen. Karin will be a rookie in this year's race.
Jeff King, who somehow managed to vanish, so I never got to chat. Jeez, Jeff, you're going to give me a complex!
Gary Paulsen, as always, was a huge draw for the teachers. He has two teams entered this year, handler Lou and himself.

Rick Swenson
Hanging out are Aaron Peck, ?, Sab, and Linwood.
Ramey Smyth
Meandering over to the little cabin, found a few mushers, snapping John Baker, front left, Bjornar Anderson and not sure whose back.
Doug Grilliot, race marshal for the Quest last year, and Jerry Sousa

Somehow, I seem to have a real knack for catching Martin being interviewed and looking serious.
Putting on my "bossing the mushers around sneakers," I snagged Gary Paulsen, Ed Stielstra, and Tim Riley, who'll be driving a puppy team for Ed.
Rachael Scdoris ponders the paperwork pile that greets mushers as they sign up. Tim will be running with her this year, btw.
Caught DeeDee as she arrived, then didn't see her again till I was leaving. Kinda one of those days.
Mitch Seavey greets fans

Linwood, who signed up to run again this year.
Honest, Raymie wasn't trying to run over Sab, tho' it sure looks like it, doesn't it? The dogs had decided to take a spin by themselves and Sab and Ryan were jumping to stop the cart as Raymie is coming up behind it.
Hey, wait a minute! I wanna ride!
Following through with my promise to take photos of dogs, too, not just mushers, snagged Ryan to pose with one of the dogs working to give fans cart rides at HQ
Photography skills seems to have eluded me as I not only cut off Ryan's head, but Sab's, but, hey, the dogs show nicely!

Sebastian having a moment with some Redington dogs.
Raymie Redington
Okay, okay, the ego got the better of me and I had to go take a photo of my book on the book shelf in the gift shop. I even wound up signing a few as the day wore on, so the ego was quite stroked and I even made a few dollars for the ITC. Ha
Bjornar flew in from Norway just to be at the picnic to sign up.
Aliy Zirkle signs up as Allen Moore, her hubby, watches from behind her. Allen is running, too.

Jessie Royer delights a few young fans by getting down on their level.
Sab was playing delivery boy, bringing a bag of items to Gerry.
Interesting expression there, Ray!
Marlene B. talks to Kathy Mackey who was just as puzzled as the rest of us as to where her son Lance was.
Couldn't imagine anyone better to take a photo of with one of the Larry patches than Lance's mom, especially since Lance wasn't there at this point. So, does that make her Larry's grandma?

Hey, look who showed up to hang out (besides Donna): Perry! No, he wasn't signing up, just visiting friends.
Rachael shows off her Finishers Buckle.
Maureen has her Larry patch (and some others) on a tote bag. Good idea!
Pat has her Idita-Support patch, too. You should be impressed, btw. I actually found and made a point of wearing my vest with my patch on it.
Chas was wandering with a video camera.

Maybe if you win back to back Idita-Quests again this year, Lance, they'll give you a chair to sit on to fill out your paperwork next year. That's Cain bending over as Tonya helps him complete the Jr. Iditarod forms.
Lance finally had a chance to take a breath after arriving late and being mobbed as he was trying to get signed up.
Poor Lance. Both Theresa and I were telling him where and how to sign at this point. He may be the champ, but he does follow instructions well. Ha
Lance with the Larry patch/card he signed for Sarida. It just wasn't going to work on the patch itself.
DeeDee and Debbie Moderow

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Marcia C said...

Thanks so much for sharing the photos. It really helps us "armchair mushers" from around the world feel like we are there with you. A few of us met in the chat room to have our own get-together while you all were having the picnic. It was a good time, but we wished we could have been there with you.