Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mancelona, Michigan, Musher Weekend at Russ-Stick Acres (Photos courtesy of Joyce Joyce)

All photos courtesy of Joyce Joyce. Taken at the Musher Gathering at Russ-Stick Acres in Mancelona, Michigan. Click for a slightly larger version.
Tom and Carolyn Drake

Pat Brighton

John and Joyce Joyce with DeeDee

Ryan Redington, looking like he's on the way somewhere.

Jason Barron, plate in hand.

Like she needs an introduction, DeeDee Jonrowe.

Sherry Sutherby, who put this weekend together at her family's Russ-Stick Acres (Home of Last Chance Kennel) with her husband Russ.

Joyce getting Ryan's autograph on a shirt while Jason speaks.

Ann Marioni

Dick and Jean Renfro, who drove up from Tennessee!

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