Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st Annual Midwest Sled Dog Symposium in Curtis, MI

Photo courtesy of Pat Brighton
Dr. Tim Hunt, Lloyd Gilbertson, Eric Morris, Matt Rossi

Nature's Kennel (Stielstra) puppies!!!

Karen Ramstead and fan Pat Brighton. Karen was one of the keynote speakers and Wonder, who seems fascinated by something off-camera, accompanied her.

Karen and Ann Marinoni.

Okay, Karen, who or what was Wonder finding so darn fascinating to your right?

Since Tasha has announced it in public, I can now let everyone in a secret, Ed Stielstra, left, won't be running the Iditarod this year because he needs to be home with Tasha for a run to the maternity ward! If all goes well, Baby Stielstra should be entering this world about the time the Iditarod is finishing up in Nome. Congratulations, Tasha and Ed!!!

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