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If you're not familiar with how this sort of poem works, it's fairly simple. You begin by coming up with a word or phrase that you're write vertically down your paper. Then you create a meaningful line to go with each initial letter.  Here are some samples everyone came up with one year.  These are fun to do and can be slanted easily to fit the time of year or occasion, such as Training, Rondy, Raising Puppies, a musher name, etc. I'm pretty sure the first one here is mine tho', alas, other author/poets' names have been lost in the cobwebs of my mind.

I had a dream....
Dancing with dogs
Ice crystals sparkling as we pass
Trail well worn, a passage thru time
Aurora above me
Remembrance of heroes of old
Onward, ever onward
Dashing to a far distant place

1.The Finishers Idit-acrostic

Dedicated to those who finished and to those who will follow their dream and race the Iditarod in the future.

I did the Iditarod Trail
Down the trail from Anchorage to Nome
In and out of checkpoints speeding along
The 16 dogs that raced with me
Alone with my team I followed my dream
Rugged mountains and bad weather were a few of my challenges
Onward I pushed to the finish line in Nome.
Did. I did. I did the Iditarod Trail.

I spy headlamps stealing 'round the bend
Did someone cry "Musher In"?
I smell pies baking on the river
Too cold out - Makes me shiver
Are the meals made? Places to rest?
Ready crew? You are the best
Only a river left, covered in hay
Darn! Mushers gone - T'was only a day

Best in 2002!
Under the arch, became a U.S. citizen
Eagle Pack, a primary sponsor
Rohn and Nikolai, his two sons

4. Iditarod Checkpoints acrostic

In the beginning we start in Wasilla
Down the trail to Knik
Down the chute to the finish line in Nome!

I - Independence
D - Dreams
I - Integrity
T - Toughness
A - Ability
R - Romance
O - Odyssy
D - Determination

Mackey, Lance
US. citizen, Buser, Martin(!)
Sagoonick, Palmer
Horstmann, Rick
Ettyne, Nikolai
Redington, Ray, Jr.
Smyth, Ramey

I did the Iditarod Trail
Dogs pulling hard
In 1049 miles I was in Nome
Teachers and students followed online
Afterward I ate and slept like there was no tomorrow
Rainy Pass, Rohn and Ruby were a blur
On to the Gold Coast in a hurry
Dropped a few dogs but the rest made it to Nome.

Imaginations, running wild, eyes closed
Dreaming of their favorite mushers and their teams
Idita-Supporters searching their computers endlessly
Trails steep, rugged mountains, rivers, remote checkpoints
Alaska, "The Last Wild Frontier"
Reading e-mails, websites, postings and status reports
Overwhelmed, excited, exhausted
Dreaming they too are on the Iditarod Trail to Nome!

8. Iditarod Awards acrostic
Improved the most is easy to understand
Dodge Truck to the first to Nome
Inspirational Award to the musher who inspired us the most
The Rookie of the Year for the first rookie in
A feast goes to the First to the Yukon River
Red Lantern goes to the last to finish
Outfitter Award will keep you the warmest
Dogs are awarded the Golden Harness.

9. A Mushers Nightmare
Into tree branches
Dragged behind sled
Into icy waters
Temperatures intolerable
Attacked by Moose
Running after sled
Off trail over steep incline
Dropped dogs left behind :>(

In the snow
Drive my huskies
In to the night
Trotting down the Iditarod trail
Around 19 mph
Race to Nome
Over the finish line!
Day 8.00.00. record time, dream on!

Into the night
Dogs runnng as one
Icy trails
Tracing the old trail
Aurora overhead
One thought, to finish
Down the street to the arch

Kid's Division


DeeDee is number 1!

K2.I Love the Iditarod acrostic
By David, age 9

I like to follow the Iditarod
Dogs are the best part of the race
I like Charlie Boulding and Jeff King
The trail is long
And the weather is cold
Reading the stories is a lot of fun
Of course, getting mail from my musher is the best
Don't like it when the race is done!

K3. My Race Idit-acrostic
By Jason, age 11

I did the Iditarod Trail
Dogs of mine were running fast
In Nikolai, I had to drop 2 dogs
That dogteam of mine would not give up
Anchorage to Anvik went by in a flash
Rough terrain and cutting wind makes it hard to go on
Often I'd think I would have to give up
Down the trail I made it to Nome.

K4. So you think you'd like to run the Iditarod?
A silly little bit of info to think about if you ever think you'd like to run the race
By Anonymous

I hate running the Iditarod with
Dogs with diarrhea
It hits me in the face when
The other dogs run thru it
Although finding a spot to pee isn't hard
Really freezing cold weather makes it hard to pull down my Carthalls
Or take off my mittens so I can wipe
Don't like it at all when I forget the toilet paper.

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