Saturday, June 25, 2011

Volunteer/Musher Sign-Up Picnic

Captions will be brief or non-existent for a bit, sorry.

Replica of Rohn cabin.

Candy Gibson

?? and Lilian at the volunteer sign-in table

Lilian, who came to visit from Switzerland, and Candy

Inside the meeting room

Joanne Potts chats with Pat Moon

Ken Anderson doing sign-up paperwork.

Lunch line, where mushers and fans share the line

Peg Stout and daugher DeeDee

Hugh Neff


Fan and musher spouse Maureen Morgan. I fell in love with her blouse.

Hmm, Jeff King? Yep, Jeff's back. Seen here chatting with head vet Stu Nelson.

Jeff and John Baker share a laugh

John being hooked up to do some announcements.


Kevin Neher, who'll be an Idita-2012 rookie.

Ken and John

John was learning the writers cramp may be part and parcel of being champ as he signed endless autographs and was signing bibs here for the ITC's auction.

Jeff King signing up after a one-year absense.

Jeff Schultz chats with musher Jodi Bailey


Dallas Seavey, ?, ?, Jeff King

Did you doubt for a moment that I didn't take time for some puppy visiting?

I love reading license plates anyway, some are so funny, but bet you can figure out which family owns the dog truck this one's on.


NCLepper said...

Great pics - thanks for sharing.

Bob said...

Everyone watch out!...Lance has #13 again...??? lol

Bob said...

de-ja-vu ??? Lance has #13 again...??? lol

Sherry Sutherby said...

Great pics June~!