Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brief "checkpoint" stop at the Millennium Hotel

Iditarod Headquarters in Anchorage during the race, the Millennium Hotel from outside. And, of course, you'll notice the sign for Fancy Moose Lounge, a very popular hang-out for one and all.

One one of the posts inside the Fancy Moose.

June Shelley working in the phone room.

One can never have enough stuffed huskies.

This was as close to dogs as we got today. A plane was due in but hadn't arrived, so we just sat in the Moose and enjoyed the view.

I don't normally get in photos with folks, but figured, hey, these are the parents of one of my favorite mushers, Aliy Zirkle, so why not. It also let me show the haircut. Ha

They did fly in a sled while we were there, albeit in pieces. The people front left have the runners while the rest of it followed.

Pat Schue and GG Goss

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