Friday, March 04, 2011

Iditarod Open House, Bonnie and Jim Foster's

Our host for the evening, Jim Foster
And the hostess with the mostest, Bonnie Foster, right.

"You want me to do what?!!"


Hey, why are we out here when all that food is in there?

Speaking of food, and this was taken very early, before the tables really got crowded.

View out the kitchen window.

Wow, what a surprise. Pat's found a dog to love on.

Love those eyes.

Ed Stielstra wasn't able to stay long, alas.

Sab's cake

My favorite, the chocolate fountain!!!

I can't spell Lynn's last name, but she was checking in via Skype.

Next to check in via Skype was Kathy Mattes, from LA, California

I love this face!

I have a few gazillion of Skunk, but how can you not love this tough sled dog? She led Sab over the summit, btw.

Sab cutting the cake.

Skunk was kind enough to share her couch with Sebastian. How cute is that pose? Hers, not Sab's. Ha

See, Skunk knows who the star attraction really is.

Jake Berkowitz and Claudia Nowak

Eric Vercammen (gotta learn how to spell your last name, Eric) flew all the way over from Belgium for the race. He was getting down on the doggie level here for pix.

Did I mention that there was food, lots and lots of food?

Alex Stein, producer of the movie "Mush!" that premiered at the Anchorage Film Festival, who flew up from LA.

Jake's lap obviously meets with Skunk's approval.

Boots at the door, lots and lots of boots. My Lobbens are in the mix somewhere.

Eric was out practicing earlier for his adventure tomorrow but made it to the open house.

Jessie Royer and Paige, whose last name escapes me. She was there interviewing folks for the media. Scott Sloan was there, too, but somehow didn't get a pix of him, bad me.

Okay, y'all already know we Alaskans are tough, or maybe a bit crazy. Barefoot on the snow, Gail Somerville followed a bunch of us out to get that one more picture.

Hans was part of the bunch. He went to see the sled Rod Perry will be using tomorrow, but I went to see this, the board that Eric Rogers is somehow supposed to ride all the way from the starting line out to Campbell Airstrip tomorrow. My foot would not even quite fit on the "runners", so you can figure size. Not very big at all.
Helen had moved around to get a pix of Rod, so I took that opportunity to grab a shot of her standing beside the sled for size-comparison. I got some great video of Rod talking about the "good ol' days" with Hans Gatt but, alas, that will have to wait until post start/restart.
Hans Gatt and Rod Perry


Unknown said...

Felt like I was there...almost. Thank you.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Great coverage, as always, June! Thanks~!!