Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Iditarod Vet Check, 2011, ITC HQ

Cain Carter with the Comeback Kennel Dog Truck.

Dan Kaduce waiting on Jodi to finish paperwork inside. Dan was last year's Rookie of the Year.

One of Jodi's dogs soaking up the sunshine.

Or maybe it was checking the time with Dan, whose boots are to the rear, asking how much longer it'd take.

Cain Carter

Cain boxing a dog, which they seemed to be calling "Big Dog", after the vets were finished with it.

Jodi and Dan's truck

Hey, Tasha, I didn't even have to go looking for Ed. He just wandered past, tho' where he had the dog truck remains a mystery to me.

That sign is a favorite spot for photos of all kinds.

I was asked to take a shot that shows the shelter cabin in better perspective to its location. I'm standing sorta in the middle of the road right in front of the front sidewalk, looking back toward the road at the entrance and just a bit left. See the paper box? That's just in front of the little driveway that staff members take to park behind HQ itself.

Turning left, this is the view from my spot in the middle of the road, this time looking at HQ itself.

Inside HQ, Jodi is doing paperwork while Dan waits. Sorry for the fuzzy focus but just enough light that the flash didn't go off and Dan moved.

And while I was in scenic mode, the replica of Rohn Cabin, which is left of HQ as you stand in front of it. The kennel and dog houses are for Raymie Redington's dogs while he's giving summer cart rides.

Just a shot down the parking lot. The wind was really whipping around by then, so the crowd, which was pretty sparse this year anyway, had thinned.

Ken Anderson's dog trailer

I always find at least one dog I'd like to take home with me and in this case, this was the one. I think it may have been one of Sven's dogs.

Sven Haltmann

Not even close to being the best shot of the day, but this was my favorite shot of the day anyway. I think this one very nicely encapsulates the event, at least as far as the dogs are concerned, anyway.

But I don't WANT to get back in my box.

Sebastian out for a stroll with Saffron, I think. Please note, no hat, no coat, no gloves.

Taking it all in.

The vets are busy.

Cold foot?

Hmm, maybe Sab wasn't as tough as I thought. He was in the gift shop buying a jacket. Note, jacket, not coat. If I wasn't feeling like enough of a wuss to begin with, seriously, hanging with the mushers makes me feel even more the wimp than ever cos I was layered, using hand warmers, and still whining about the wind. BTW, that's Eric V. taking a shot of me taking a shot of Sab.

Gwen, I only got Karin to slow down long enough for a good shot by bossing her around and saying, "Stand still! Your mom wants me to get a picture!"

Karin talking to chief vet Stu Nelson

GB Jones arrived just as I was leaving, so didn't talk to him at all.

Dedicated soul that I am, at least from the warmth of my car, I did snap this one Team Baker as they turned off Parks onto KGB for John's vet check appointment, however.

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