Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Lunch With Norma and Joe Delia

 Heading to the big city again
I definitely prefer canine traffic on the street, thank you.

Passing Clarion Suites, Aliy and Allen's home base during the pre-start week.

 Hi, Gwennies!

 The reaon for going to town in the first place was to have lunch with Joe and Norma Delia. We met at the Fancy Moose in the Millenium Hotel. 

 Jim Weeks and June Shelley came by. They're heading home.

 The timing was right so that Claudia and Lee Nowak could join us.

 That's Pat Schue's back, a very nice woman from Australia kinda hidden behind her,Marilyn Beaverstock, then Jim and June, Joe and Norma, then Claudia and Lee.
 I'm batting zero on pix of dropped dogs for the last two years. My camera was having a cranky day to begin with but got even crankier when I asked it to shoot this white on white shot, leading to a very fuzzy focus shot I'm calling "Ghost Dog of the Millennium".

 For those accustomed to hanging out in the Fancy Moose for endless hours, might want to rethink that this year. They were open today but have been closed and it was on the noisy side for awhile while we were there.
 A little better shot of Ghost Dog from another angle.

 Since there weren't any dropped dogs, I snapped a couple planes hanging around on the shoreline of Lake Hood, which is right behind the Millennium. As a matter of fact, the plane below is parked atop the ice on the lake.

 View of the Millennium from the back, from the dropped dog area.

 Hi, Bonnie, sorry we missed you. Like your icicles.

 The day was far more overcast at this point than it looked but, well, always need another picture of the mountains and that dang bridge, right?

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