Friday, March 01, 2013

Party Time! Iditarod Open House

 The elaborate photo style cake has become a tradition at the open house held at Bonnie and Jim Foster's house pre-Iditarod.
 Gail Somerville, who was actually doing a better job taking pix than I was, and Lee Nowak are always all smiles.
 Hey, it's my birthday twin, Karen Ramstead! Karen told me that Kelley Griffith shares our birthday, too, as do several others.
 Did I mention there was enough food to feed a not so very small army?
 Gail again, camera in hand, and Lexie(?).
 Maureen Morgan seems to be having an oh-so-serious discussion.
 I appointed myself an honorary Canadian for awhile and plopped down in the room holding Thomas Tetz, Warren Paltry, Karen Ramstead, and Sebastian. I'm embarrassed to say, I've forgotten the dog's name.
 I think that's Shannon on the left, then Bob and Maureen Morgan, and Pat Schue.
 Karen, Ray and Julia Redington.
Sebastian and Claudia Nowak.

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