Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gold Mint Trailhead, Hatcher Pass

As many times as I've been in and out of the Gold Mint Trailhead, I've never stopped to read all the info and cautionary signs that abound. Found there not far into the parking area, only the beginning of the cautions about avalanche danger out there.

The roof you see there harbors more info/warning signs but it was sorta crowded in that parking area, so didn't go shoot them. I've actually been to them but can't recall what they had to tell me. Probably didn't give it the attention I should have since I wasn't planning on hiking any further and risking my knees screaming at me.

So everyone using these trails needs to have had at least some basic avalanche survival training, eh? Something tells me that isn't happening, alas.

Nice view from the parking lot end of the Gold Mint Trail.
I'm not quite sure what is stowed within but assume this small building holds the items any rescue crew would need should there be an avalanche and people need rescuing? Only....it's locked. You break the lock, I guess, cos getting to the Hatcher Lodge isn't always possible in the winter? Probably a pretty flimsy lock, tho', I'm betting, tho' that then raises the question of how they keep the stuff from being stolen.

The little shed left is the one that holds the avalanche rescue cache while the taller roofed building is where you pay to park and use the area to park and, well, whatever you do for fun.

I'm not 100% sure this little trail is actually considered part of the Gold Mint Trail but was in the same area, just at the other end of the parking lot. Lots of warning signs, just as at the other end.

Views up from the parking lot at Gold Mint Trailhead.

Dang, tho' knew there was water on the other side of the parking lot, had no clue there was a little stream on this side, the left as you enter the Trailhead. Didn't see any signs with a name, alas.

There were bicyclists here, there and everywhere today and, believe it or not, the same holds true in the dead of winter.
This big info sign was in the "pay to park" roofed area and is broken down for you in closer views below.

Heading out of the Gold Mint Trailhead, I'm facing the ol' Mother Lode hotel. Go left and you're headed back down toward Palmer-Wasilla. Head right, you're on your way up the climb to the pass. I was going right.

The photos taken on up the mountain this day can be viewed at http://sunhusky.blogspot.com

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