Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vet Check 2014

 The first, random shot I took as I walked up the parking area toward the building.
 Never dound out whose truck this was but a good example of drop chains, even if I have no clue where all the dogs that should have been on them were.
 Little clusters of people were the norm, all talking dogs, I'm sure.

 Nice rig!
Ken Anderson walking very purposefully somewhere. Every time I saw him, he was walking very purposefully somewhere.
 I didn't see that many mushers I knew without a bib number, but knew this truck!
 Hi, Karin! She had her truck parked right in front of HQ and it was surrounded by the teacher group when I got there.
 The plaque below the sled dog statue.

 Gift shop browsing tho' I was good and bought nothing.
 Husky hutch?
 Why is it that every time I see this basket of stuffed huskies I want one. I mean, it isn't like I don't already have a few.... or twenty.
 Caught Maureen Morgan eating, but she did have on her purple name tag. I'd had to settle for finding my Sharpie and writing my name on the back of one of my old media badges since the pin on my duct taped name tag didn't seem all that secure.
 Kathy Cappa was working, working, working. As I told her, I swear, every volunteer photos I've seen this year, she seems to be in it! Do you ever sleep, Kathy?
Just stuff along the back wall of the meeting room in Iditarod Headquarters. It's just off the gift shop and also houses a good chunk of the museum there, so make sure to check it out if yu haven't. 
 Karin's dogs were still lapping up attention as I wandered back outside.
 I don't know if I ever knew the human's name but I do remember the important name! That's Karin's Elway loving on a fan.
 Dog and more dogs.....
 ....and even more dogs.
 Jason Mackey and I don't know who.
 Loved this dog's coloring. I didn't note whose truck it was at, alas.
 Susie Rogan was there with Hans Gatt and found herself the target of several cameras as the dogs were wanting some extra loving.
 Very, very small sled dog. No, not on the team, too small, but beautiful dog anyway. Name: Goose
 This was my favorite pix of the whole day, even if I did forget the dog's name. Not even sure I thought to ask, bad me. PS: Susie tells me his name is Werner and he's, no lie, 1/4 Border Collie! Now that's an interesting mix1
 Hans Gatt was taking dogs in and out of the trailer in the parking lot where they do EKGs and such. I don't think they call the test an EKG anymore, tho' can never recall what acronym they use.
Random shot as I headed out to match the random shot as I got there.

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Julie said...

Great photos, June. Thx for the breed mix on Susie Rogan's dog :)