Friday, March 02, 2012

Idita-Socializing (Fri. afternoon/evening)

 Hey, guess what? It was snowing on Friday while we were heading into Anchorage.
 I entertain easily while riding in the back seat.
 Inlet Towers, Jeff King dogs

 Jeff King "stuff"
 Is anyone surprised? Pat found a dog (or a dozen) to pet.
 Inside Inlet Towers, Conway Seavey was speaking about his Jr. Iditarod adventure when we got there. Just like Danny and Tyrell, he's an excellent speaker. That's Mitch behind him to the right.

 Dan Seavey, Sr., to the left, watching with pride as his grandson speaks.
 Mitch's turn!
 Mike Santos, who I'd only met on Facebook prior to this.
 Marlys "Bug" (whose last name I've forgotten, bad me) and Jeff
 Back to the dogs. It was way warm inside.

 Can anyone guess where I am?
 Oh, darn, you guessed. My ol' haunt, the Millennium Hotel and, more specifically, into the Fancy Moose briefly for old times sakes.
 A waiter walked into this shot but the plaid shirt just to the right of his arm is Dean Osmar. The place was packed.
 More Facebook friends!
 Shameless promotion, buy my book!
 Eric, here all the way from Belgium!
Sab always provides such dignified poses for the camera, huh?

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