Sunday, March 04, 2012

Iditarod 2012 - Start, part 2

See links to right for Part 1 (A disclaimer, I had to leave right after Martin passed and missed #s 12-17, 19)

 Michelle Phillips

 Ramye Smyth

 Peter Kaiser

 Jaimee Kinzer

Kristy Berington

 Anjanette Steer

 Anna Berington 

 Jake Berowitz

 That's Robin on the tag sled

Dallas Seavey Dogs
 Dallas Seavey

 Mitch Seavey

Bruce Linton dogs

Bruce Linton
That's Melissa on the tag sled

 Scott Janssen

 Justin Savidis

Ken Anderson

 Martin Buser, with Kathy on the runners with him

Jan Steeves

And then, sorry, but wasn't feeling well and decided I needed to leave.

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